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  Keeping diseases such as diabetes and hypertension Blood Sugar Formula Review under control will go far in preventing sexual dysfunction. About one person out of three has high blood pressure hypertension, which requires regular monitoring either by medical personnel in the office or at home by the patient or a family member. Home blood pressure monitoring is recommended both for the initial diagnosis of hypertension as well as for the evaluation of the response to treatment. 

Home monitoring also has potential value in assessing resistant hypertension, hypotensive symptoms associated with medication, and autonomic neuropathy. It also empowers the patient to take responsibility for his or her health. Further, the beneficial effects of improved blood pressure control extend to cardiovascular and stroke events, which occur with much greater frequency and with greater morbidity and mortality than microvascular complications in elderly diabetic patients. Aggressive control of blood pressure should be a high priority in the management of hypertensive diabetic patients. It should also be a high priority in the treatment of people suffering from erectile dysfunction.


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