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Diabetes to most people is a disease that can never  Striction D  be avoided. As a result of this, so many people are becoming ignorant and would always turn down any valuable advice which might come from their friends, colleagues, peers and the likes. If you fall in the category of people who have this false belief, then consider yourself lucky by ensuring you read through to the end. First and foremost, someone is liable to have acquired diabetes if he or she is passing out urine on a continuous basis. Apart from this, when you are feeling thirsty most of the time, irrespective of the number of times you have taken water, then a diabetes check up is required. When the cause of a problem is known, then the problem is half solved. Diabetes goes far beyond giving it major treatments to get it suppressed. If you treat a diabetic patient and he or she gets back to normal, if the causes initially are not fully checked and diagnosed, then such a patient might come back for similar complaints in the nearest future. Majority of people are yet to know the major causes of diabetes. When the sugar level in the blood is said to be on the high side, if unnoticed, it might end up leading to diabetes. Now what are the causes of high blood sugar level? First, taking excess sugar is the number one factor that needs to be seriously addressed. As stated earlier, due to the belief of the wrong opinion that diabetes is unavoidable, most people still think taking excess sugar is a minor reason. The resultant effect of diseases is always known to be on a long term basis. Taking it once in a while might not necessarily call for diabetes but if is taken continuously or daily, the pancreas that supplies insulin to bring down the sugar level gets tired and it begins to malfunction. If this is observed, then diabetes is lurking around the corner.



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