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A full lace wig belongs to a kind of human hair wig that highly welcomed by women all over the world. People’s demand for the full lace wigs is different, in order to meet the different demands of women, more and more different styles full lace human hair wigs appeared.But for women, they like to choose their affordable full lace wig length according to the hair textures they like. Here, we will list some examples.

Glueless Full Lace Wigs is a kind of full lace wigs that are 100% hand-tied. What makes the glueless full lace wig different from full lace wigs are the combs and the adjustable strap that make the wig glueless. In the back area inside of the wig, there is a piece of stretch lace. The fake scalp is also pre sewed to the front area saving you from putting on the wig cap every time. The hair is hand-knotted strand by strand to the whole wig, making the cap lighter and more breathable, and creating the higher price than other types of wigs, 613 Full Lace Wig especially, but a great wig is also a great investment.

Straight full lace wig: Brazilian straight hair full lace wig is highly welcomed because it is the original lace wig texture. It is smooth with natural luster, easy to maintain, can be dyed or curled to any hairstyles you like. There are long straight full lace wig and short Human Hair Wigs on the market, the size is usually from 8-26 Inches for your choice.

Body wave full lace wig: body wave closure sew in body wave full lace wigs with baby hair is similar to the Body wave full lace wig. They have the same advantages, the biggest difference is the body wave hair bundles wigs have the big “S” shape, this makes women look more fashion. The size of the body wave full lace wig is from 8-26 Inches.

Curly full lace wig: curly hair wig is the most fashionable pre plucked full lace wigs. Curly full lace wigs human hair have the sexy curls, small and tidy curls with the natural shine around it, women with this curly hair will be recognized as the unique person. The size of the curly hair wig is from 8-26 Inches.

Kinky straight full lace wig and kinky curly full lace wig: kinky straight full lace wigs and the kinky curly full lace wigs both belong to the kinds of unique hair wigs. Some women like to wear them because of the unique shape and fuller-looking they appeared. The hair length is usually from 10-14 Inches.

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