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Steve Keim through 2022. Keim is a 19-year employee of the Cardinals Khari Willis Jersey , starting as a college scout in 1999. He worked his way up through the ranks to be hired as general manager on Jan. 8, 2013, just in time to help team president Michael Bidwill interview and hire Bruce Arians as head coach. In the five-year Keim-Arians era, the Cardinals went 49-30-1 in the regular season. Bidwill said in a statement released by the club that the achievements speak for themselves and the extension ensures that Keim ”will continue to shape our success going forward.” Arians retired after last season, and Keim and Bidwill led the search that led to the hiring of Steve Wilks Josh Allen Jersey , the Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator, as the new head coach. Now Keim’s focus is on quarterbacks. There aren’t any on the Arizona roster. — In North America, we have access to virtually every sport known to man, but even with all of the available options, there are really only four sports that really matter Jawaan Taylor Jersey , and they would be football, hockey, baseball, and basketball. Each of these sports have their own professional leagues, and they all produce billions of dollars in revenue every single year Josh Oliver Jersey , but none of them are as financially successful as the National Football League. Last year alone, the NFL made $14 billion in revenue, and it did so by providing audiences with relatively high-scoring games that showcased the very best players that the sport has to offer.If a person is lucky enough to make it to the NFL, then they are probably living a very comfortable lifestyle, as many of the players in the league are signed to contracts worth millions of dollars. It goes without saying that the better players get bigger contracts Deandre Baker Jersey , but there are also cases in which players are given expensive contracts based on their past performances, or their future potential. In every professional sport, there are good contracts, and bad contracts, but the bad ones really stick out as they can negatively effect a team's performance for one or more seasons , and in football, those types of contracts are very problematic because of the guaranteed money involved. Contracts usually turn out bad as a result of poor performance or injuries, and the NFL has been filled with bad contracts for a long time, and this list will try to identify the worst contract that every franchise has handed out.

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