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The prime cause of diabetes is excessive level of  Nucentix GS-85  blood glucose. Diabetes is the most chronic diabetes ailment suffered by adult and children of today. There are many people who are suffering from diabetes but are unaware of their medical condition. In few parts of the world like India, the disease is transmitting from epidemic to pandemic.All "thanks" goes to our unhealthy eating habits and hectic lifestyle. These lifestyle habits work by adding fuel to the fire.Before jumping on the list of foods or diabetics to eat it is good to know the cause of diabetes What Causes Diabetes: The prime source of energy for body is glucose. The level of glucose in our blood increases after we eat a meal. A specific hormone termed "insulin" is released from the body. This hormone helps to convert the provided glucose into energy. Once it is converted the blood sugar level becomes normal. In the patients of diabetics either the cells are not using the provided insulin or pancreas is not producing the hormone insulin. Unavailability to produce or inability to use the provided insulin results in piling up of glucose in blood. The persistent level of high blood sugar level results in complications.



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