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It was developed over some years by the founder of  Full Chakra Reset Program Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. Some people might argue that this program is a physical program. Let me state it is most definitely not. Sick people have no part on this program. I have run it over many years and the gains a person makes are spiritual. For a start, the person, is a spirit, a life force, the spirit that runs the body. By releasing the toxins and drugs that have lodged in the body the person feels and experiences a surge and uplift of life But make no mistake about the actual mechanics of the program, the person does need to run to get his body's metabolism working. He then needs to sweat in a sauna for an extended period of time each day for a couple of weeks. To help him handle this regimen, the person undergoing the program will also need to take vitamins, salt, potassium gluconate, minerals, oils and water. 



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