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Many women asked the 4x4 Lace Closure Wig, they want to know something about this new kind of human hair closure. The 4x4 lace closure is a new popular human hair lace closure entered into the beauty market. In order to help women understanding something about the 4x4 lace closure, Ruiyu write this blog.
What Is A 4x4 Closure
The 4x4 lace closure is similar to the 5x5 lace closure. A 4x4 closure is also placed at the middle front top of the head, the 4x4 human hair closure sews with the Human Hair Bundles can also bring a natural and beautiful hairline to people. But different from the best 5x5 lace closure, the size of the 4x4 Brazilian closure is 4 inches length and 4 inches width.

How To Properly Maintain A 4x4 Closure Sew In
Many people thought it is not essential to wash the Wigs For Sale when they first receive them. It is an incorrect understanding. The fact is it is very important to wash the new 4x4 lace closure when you received them for the first time. Checking your new arrived 4x4 lace closure with bundles, washing them and air drying, styling the hair to the original shape. By doing so, on the one hand, you can check if the hair you received is the hair you need, and on the other hand, washing will make the new hair get rid of the protectants and wetting agents, healthy for your wearing.

Pay more attention to the 4x4 closure sew in procedure
The 4x4 lace closure with bundles sew-in is a very important step. Many tangle and shedding occurred because of the wrong method of sewing. If you are not sure about your sew-in skill, we recommend you can go to a professional hairdresser for help, every one of us doesn’t want to make the high price buying 4x4 closure human hair damaged at the beginning, it will be a pity thing.

A good 4x4 lace front closure install will bring you a natural and beautiful hairline, will also improve your confidence. If you do not speak it out, no one will recognize you are wearing a 4x4 lace closure wig. It will bring the as natural appearance as it is.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit


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