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When it comes to your feet, how much care and love do you give them? Fungus Hacks ReviewIf you haven't, you're not alone. We often don't think about our feet until something happens to them. When we get even a blister, it can limit our ability to walk or even wear shoes. What was once a natural, everyday activity we don't put any thought in and in which we take for granted, now becomes more challenging. There are many things that can put our feet at risk for injury. The most common culprits are flat sandals, high-heels, wearing shoes that are too big or too small, not properly washing the feet, not wearing socks white wearing shoes, not controlling underlying health issues that contribute to foot problems such as diabetes and not keeping one's toenails properly trimmed. However, what if you have an injured or infected foot? How can you prevent such discomfort to your feet from happening again? Here are some easy, simple activities you can do to help keep your feet in tip-top shape. After all, happy feet mean a happy you: 1. Stretching. The act of walking, sitting, standing, going up and down stairs and the like can be seen as some sort of physical activity. While they may not technically count as exercise, you are putting in effort. Stretching your foot is a great way to strengthen the muscles, tendons and joins in your feet that can cause possibly painful discomfort. Those with plantar fasciitis, for instance, can greatly benefit from short, daily stretching of the feet.


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