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Keto 6tm As we can see - no. If a person does not lose weight - it means he has no calorie deficit. Of course, the reasons may be deeper: cortical, lepton, incorrect accounting of physical activity, etc. But only one thing is globally important - it does not have an energy deficit, and without it the weight will never go down. Allegedly, a slow metabolism in people who fanatically follow the diet and train for four is nothing more than unreliable information about the amount of food eaten. Unaccounted breakdowns, blundered, cheat-milky, which, coupled with water retention, does not give an objective look at the picture. If now their frivolous 1250 kcal per day is converted into well controlled and considered 1250 kcal, they will start losing weight at the first cosmic velocity. Nonlinear diet the term non-linear diet includes a number of dietary schemes that are based on the principle of periodicity. A regular diet is the same calorie and balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates every day throughout the scheme. For example: 1800 kcal based on 55g of fat, 125g of proteins and 200g of carbohydrates. On non-linear diets, the balance of nutrients and calories on different days is different. It can be Monday 1400 kcal with different amounts of BJU, Tuesday and Wednesday with 1600 kcal, etc. There are many variations of such schemes, and the most popular ones look like this: Calorie cycling Reduction and increase in calories on different days, but a prerequisite - the overall calorie deficit per week. That is, if you have eaten today 500 kcal more, then in the following days in total, you should eat 500 kcal less. For example: your rate is 2000 kcal per day. On Monday you ate 2500 kcal, therefore this “debt” should be distributed over the following days. Someone will make 1500 kcal on Tuesday, but others can take a little more from other days, for example, from Tuesday to Saturday they will eat 100 kcal less. Instead of 2000 - 1900kkal, and thus repay the debt, without affecting the average number of calories per week. Carbohydrate alternation Low-crab and high-crab days replace each other. Effectively increase carbohydrates on workout days or 1 day before workouts in order to do the exercises with maximum efficiency and energy. 


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