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Super Keto Canada It would be much easier for you as a Type 2 diabetic if there was just one eating plan to follow and that was that. It is much better to lose weight by 1-2 pounds a week, then losing 10 pounds in one week and gaining it all back the next week.That list consists of a small apple, a small orange, 4-6 medium strawberries and a half grapefruit. Sometimes it is necessary to reassess your goal weight, taking age and lifestyle into consideration. First and important thing is do not skip your meals. Studies have shown that adding just 30 minutes of walking per day is enough to encourage weight loss. Your diet has to be strict, but it can not be that strict, so you are unable to follow it for 3-4 months. Instead individuals may choose to use herbs and spices for seasoning food products. It must comply with weight loss the food pyramid to ensure a balanced diet. Ask a professional fitness trainer to work out a program for you.


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