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 I know some people are thinking right now well  Overthrowing Anxiety Review that's not fair that God's holding us to conditions and requires us to have faith before he'll do anything. Sometimes God does act first. But he doesn't hold us to conditions and we shouldn't hold him to some either. Our relationship with him should be a mutual exchange of faith/trust on our part and results on his and not sitting on the opposite sides of the room like that one couple we all know who acts childish and says well I won't apologize until he admits he's wrong. Well I won't admit I'm wrong until she blah blah blah. 

 Another reason you may not be getting results is whether or not you have repented of your sins. Repentance is not getting all emotional for a few seconds in church and falling on your knees and putting your hands up in the air and saying Lord I'm sorry please forgive me and then trash talking your neighbors on the car ride home.


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