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Are you the type of person who needs to have your bed made before you can do anything else? Or NooCube Reviewperhaps you are constantly washing your hands, not ever feeling that they are completely free of germs. While the former may not be an example of what constitutes an obsessive-compulsive disorder, the latter may. Compulsions are the thoughts and/or actions you feel you must do and repeat constantly. The compulsion is what you do to try and deal with the anxiety and distress caused by the obsession; the two clearly go hand in hand. Compulsions that one has may help to relieve the distress only temporarily, but obsessions soon return and the vicious cycle begins again. For a lot of the people affected, the disorder may take over their life and corrupt their work and social environments. If you think you have obsessive-compulsive disorder, or know someone who does, there are treatments available. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, they avoid telling their doctor or other people about their problem. The fear of being labeled as crazy is one reason, while others are purely in denial about the fact. Cognitive therapy, behavior therapy, medicine, and a combination of them all are the top treatments for the disorder.


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