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PASOK America amor give 3 yes Jim can you look at our dream a school pocket? Jim is a dreamer in a diet for a month. Success story on the carnivore Elizabeth Countess of low-carb and I am so excited for the episode to do so previous interview smash that like button click subscribe to see all mixed dish  insta keto  principles of intuitive eating but until then intuitive eating is a mind-body framework particularly in the Morita so the loo so one day the Green Day Martin Carroll approaching in are within two weeks you so much for being here I am so incredibly grateful this was kind of like a last minute we were chit-chatting on Instagram today and I feel like I can talk about it more so um if y'all don't know Jordan I'm swhatever you want to call it back in June of 2018 I started out I was 290 pounds and in about ten months I lost


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