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When going through the process of losing weight the one thing      Fat Decimator System    that holds us back is our addiction to caffeinated beverages and even juices that aren't natural. In fact, there are people that go through life without drinking any kind of water ever! It is a shocking realization to come to, but it is true. This alone causes a lot of problems just by working your kidneys so hard. Kidneys purify whatever beverage you drink. This is so that it can properly process whatever materials in the beverage it can find. By drinking water, it helps to clean you out and also makes your body a well lubricated machine. It is literally a liquid that can do it all. The amount of people that are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves that are dehydrated is amazing. Drinking water--not a beverage with a base of water--is absolutely the most important step into keeping your body clear of impurities and truly energized. If we did not drink water, our bodies would go septic or we would dry out. Yes, we would dry out.



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