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 As reported earlier today Dontae Johnson Color Rush Jersey , the “or else” isn’t a holdout or even a partial boycott of offseason workouts. So what’s his leverage to get a deal done by the start of the 2019 offseason program?It’s simple. If he doesn’t get the long-term deal he wants by the time he wants it, he simply won’t do a long-term deal in 2019. Which will activate the franchise-tag launch sequence.As previously mentioned, Wilson’s $25.286 million cap number for 2019 means that his franchise tender for 2020 would be $30.34 million. For 2021, it would move to $36.4 million. Then, in 2022, it would spike to $52.43 million. Thus, once Wilson plays out the current contract and opens the door to three years and $119.7 million ($39.72 million per year), the Seahawks will be in a much more difficult position than they are now.It’s possible that Wilson’s “or else” goes beyond 2019, and that without a long-term deal by April 15 he simply won’t sign one until he get to the open market, which would happen in 2022 (unless the Seahawks pay $52.43 million for one more year) or 2023 (when the franchise tag arguably wouldn’t be available a fourth time, and even if it were it would likely cost a whopping $74.49 million for one year).We got to this point because Wilson saw Kirk Cousins, who is no Russell Wilson (sorry, Kirk) D.J. Fluker Color Rush Jersey , parlay the franchise tag into $44 million over two years from Washington, a path to free agency, and $84 million fully guaranteed over three years from the Vikings. If a mid-level quarterback (sorry, Kirk) can pull that off via a combination of circumstance and determination, what could Russell Wilson do?There’s only one way to find out. And Wilson and the Seahawks may indeed find out, if the Seahawks don’t give Wilson whatever it is that he wants before April 15.That’s where the two circles of the Venn diagram either will, or won’t, kiss. What does Wilson want now in exchange for his ability to make up to $136.7 million over the four years (that’s the sum of his $17 million salary for 2019 plus three franchise tags), followed by a shot at the open market? (If the Seahawks don’t apply the franchise tag in 2022, he’d made $83.74 million over three years, followed by a shot at the open market.) In turn, what will the Seahawks pay in order to avoid the unlocking of a series of increasingly gigantic one-year salaries and/or watching Wilson become an unrestricted free agent?I’ve got a semi-informed idea as to what it will take to get it done, and I’ll explain it here later tonight. Or you can listen to the #PFTPM podcast (or PFTOT) from Wednesday Barkevious Mingo Color Rush Jersey , during which the key factor that may be (is) standing in the way of Wilson’s next long-term contract may be (is) explained. After beating the Lions in late October, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson said that the way the 2018 season was unfolding reminded him of 2012 when Wilson helped the team to the playoffs to the surprise of those who thought the team wasn’t ready for that kind of run.Last year’s team wasn’t a popular choice for the playoffs either as they said goodbye to several defensive stalwarts in the offseason and things didn’t look much brighter during the year when safety Earl Thomas broke his leg, but Seattle wound up in the postseason after going 10-6. During a visit to , head coach Pete Carroll said he also saw the similarities between the two teams.“There’s a common feeling about it,” Carroll said. “There’s an energy about the club, an energy in the locker room. There’s a newness, there’s a youthfulness with good experienced leadership which was part of the makeup back then too. I think it’s all part of it. The elements are all lining up. We gotta put together a great offseason. We have work to do in free agency, we’ve got work to do in the draft. We’ve got to put this team together and continue to maintain a really competitive environment. If we do that, we have a chance to be pretty good.”The Seahawks followed up their 2012 success with a Super Bowl title and won another NFC title the next year, so no one in Seattle would object if history repeated itself.

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