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Are you suffering from hair fall?Vita Keratin Hair Regrowth Review Did you know that the health of your mane is directly related to the health of your body? This means that you need to take in vitamin that can help grow your mane. Below you will find powerful vitamins and methods to help grow your mane out fast. 1. Vitamin C helps keep the capillaries healthy which brings blood to the hair follicles. Having a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, will keep your body filled with this vitamin. 2. Top stop hair loss and promote hair growth, take vitamin E. Foods that contain whole germ, whole meal, vegetable oil and eggs instead of refined flours. 3. Studies have shown that a lack of copper can increase hair loss and in fact, certain types of alopecia have been shown to be caused by a lack of copper. To prevent this form of hair loss, add small amounts of nuts like cashews and peanuts, whole milk and beans into your diet.


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