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 There are many possible causes of head sweating. Nolatreve Anti Aging Review  Sweating itself is a normal process of the human body which is done to regulate and maintain a good body temperature. Hyperactivity of the sweat glands will cause you to sweat more even during normal situations where as if your sweat glands are not hyperactive then you will usually not sweat under these circumstances at all. 

Menopause, obesity, thyroid problems, alcoholism and other problems such as after effects of medications may cause this profuse sweating. Some people are genetically predisposed to this condition also. A good first step to take when determining the cause of your excessive head sweating is to try and think back to when you began experiencing the sweating. If you've always had it for as long as you can remember then speak with your family members to see if any other family members have also experienced this condition.


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