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Many weight watchers claim that losing weight is not easy, and preventing the fat sneaking back is even more difficult. Exogenous ketones ReviewWhile paying attention to the diet (apart from your exercise schedule) is an important factor for losing inches, restricting the intake can often result in a feeling of being deprived. The concept of slim patch offers a viable and easy-to- use alternative. Let us start from the beginning. Calorie and Your Fat Mass If you are unable to control the intake of food, you could end up taking in more calories than that required by your body for the day. This is when the tough part comes into the picture - you will have to perform additional activities like going to gym, brisk walking, cycling, swimming, etc to burn off those extra calories. Working backward, the inability to undertake extra physical activities will mean that you would have to keep a very strict control of your calorie consumption if you want to successfully lose weight.


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