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people who just give love and positivity like thank you so much anyways I appreciate you guys again mak velofel  e sure you guys subscribe so you don't miss out anything click the little notification bell so that you get notified when I post and I please make sure to LIKE this video it really helps support my channel and that is up until next time bye guys hey little goose its Bree and welcome to today's video which is actually going t velofel benefits  o be a little bit different than what I normally post on my channel so if you guys are only subscribed before paranormal content urban legends of that sort of thing feel free to just come back tomorrow I promise I will have another video ready for you guys but I am really excited to talk about all this stuff because I have recently changed my lifestyle in approximately like three days I'm going to be posting a video like a sit-down video where I talk about my experience doing vegan keto for my first week I am of course gonna be continuing it but 

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