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  Specifically, EPA leads to eicosanoids from Cognitiva Review  the series 3 class, PGH3, PGI3 and TXB3. As mentioned above these compounds are anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombotic and anti-spasmodic. In addition, the PG3 class have anti mutagenic nature and discourage tumour cell proliferation. PGE3 from EPA has been shown to be an antagonist to PGE2 from AA in human lung cancer cells.

PGE3 also reduces the activity of aromatase, an enzyme that contributes to elevated oestrogen metabolism and has a direct role in oestrogen mediated cancers. EPA, as well as its metabolite which is also present in fish oils- DHA- also reduces the risk of cancer by suppressing free radical reactive nitrogen species, reactive oxygen species, and free radicals which are implicated in tumour progression and also play a role in atherosclerosis.


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