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Now that we are into the new year,Provitazol Review it's time to get serious about those resolutions. While a guy is at it, he needs to consider what penis health resolution would be valuable for him. After all, keeping that manhood healthy is the first step to keeping the manhood (and therefore the man) happy. With that in mind, one excellent resolution to make is to ensure that there will be no jock itch to disrupt the penis health for this year. Very common Jock itch is, thankfully, not a serious penis health condition, but it is actively annoying and can mar the appearance of an otherwise handsome looking piece of equipment. It also is quite common, with most men getting it at some point in their lives. And, of course, some men are more prone to jock itch - such as those who are athletes or engage in a lot of physical activity. Yes, the jock with jock itch is not just a stereotype - and there's a reason for that. Jock itch is a fungus, and fungi thrive in areas that are moist, warm and dark - and that describes the male crotch, especially after a guy has been playing a game of football or working out at the gym for a couple of hours.


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