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LINING:oil and water resistant synthetic rubber REINFORCEMENT:one layer of suitable textile yarn COVER:an oil and weather resistant rubber APPEARANCE:black color,wrapped surface or smooth surface TEMPERATURE RANGE锛?/strong>-40鈩儈+100鈩?-40掳F~+212掳F) WORKING PRESSURE:2.5Mpa(Max) IMPLEMENTATION STANDARDS:EN 854 Textile Reinforced Hydraulic Rubber Hose FEATURE:Oil,heat and aging resistant,high compression resistance. Products Description: This EN854 1TE Textile Reinforced Hydraulic Rubber Hose is suitable for transporting hydraulic fluids or water based hydraulic fluids.This hose is made of inner tube銆乺einforcement and cover three parts.The inner tube is made of oil and water resistant synthetic rubber,making hose have outstanding performance in delivering hydraulic fluids.Reinforcement is made from one layer of high tensile textile fiber braid, making hose lightweight and easy to handle. And the cover is made from oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber, making hose work well in harsh environment. This EN854 1TE Textile Reinforced Hydraulic Rubber Hose has excellent performance in low pressure lines, return and drain lines. EN854 1TE Textile Reinforced Hydraulic Rubber Hose Parameter: Hose Replacement Cycle: Hose assemblies and hose fittings and transition joints on the elastic sealing ring will be due to reasons such as thermal cycle and compression deformation gradually aging, hardening, the wear failure, and eventually, therefore, must according to the usage of the past or industry standard for advice,or hose assembly shutdown the losses resulting from the failure, system failure, the dangers of injuries to formulated the hose assembly and elastic seal replacement cycle.Fiber Reinforced Hydraulic Rubber Hose website:


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