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Our History Jointcolor Development History In 2010, Fujian Jointcolor Mica Tech co., LTD was established in the junction of Fujian and Zhejiang In 2011, the first phase of synthetic mica sheet was put into production with an annual output of 1,000 tons. In 2012, the first phase of synthetic mica powder was put into production with an annual output of 800 tons. In 2013, the second phase of synthetic mica sheet was put into production with an annual output of 3,000 tons. In 2014, the first phase of synthetic mica pearl pigmentt was put into production with an annual output of 500 tons. In 2015, the company obtained ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification; ISO14001: 2015 environmental management system certification; OHSAS18001: 2007 occupational health and safety management system certification; In 2016, the company passed the factory audit of L'oreal group; In 2017, the second phase of synthetic mica powder was put into production with an annual output of 2,000 tons, and reached long-term cooperation with Germany Eckart. In 2017, the company became the standing director of "Guangdong Cosmetics Association" In 2018, the second phase of synthetic mica pearl pigmentt was put into production with an annual output of 1,000 tons. In 2018, the company reached a cooperation agreement with Guangdong University of Technology to establish a joint laboratory In 2018, the company became the director unit of "China Coating Industry Association". Our Factory Fujian Jointcolor Mica Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, located at the A-45 plot of Long'an Industrial Park, Fuding City, the junction of Fujian and Zhejiang.It covers an area of 22560 square meters and include building area of 18048 square meters. We produce and sell synthetic mica sheet and mica powder, as well as synthetic mica pearlescent pigments. We have passed ISO9001 quality management system certificate and SA8000 social responsibility standard certification. Fujian Jointcolor Mica Tech Co., Ltd. is also professional manufacturer of pearlescent pigment grade synthetic mica sheet and synthetic mica powder in China. Nowdays Jointcolor Company is the only factory in China that integrates mica film, synthetic mica powder and synthetic mica pearl powder. Has three complete production lines. The annual capacity is 4,000 tons, of which synthetic mica sheet workshop is 2,200 tons, the synthetic mica powder workshop is 1,000 tons, and the synthetic mica pearl pigment workshop is 900 tons. It is a manufacturer with a complete industrial chain.Our advantage is high-quality products for raw materials, and the quality is stable and controllable. After independent research and development process, our product quality and stability have reached the international leading level. The company has always been adhering to the culture of 鈥渄edication, cooperation and innovation鈥?We won wide acclaim from domestic and foreign customers,with excellent quality and excellent service.It has also become a long-term stable supplier of many famous brands including LOREAL, ECKART, DIOR and etc. The factory was completed and put into operation in 2011. The synthetic mica powder workshop was completed and put into operation in 2012. In 2013, the synthetic mica pearl pigment workshop was completed and put into production. The continuous improvement of the mica industrial chain and sales platform also brought stable growth to the company's sales. Product Application Our products are sold to many countries and regions in the world锛孴hey can meet the needs of cosmetics, plastics, ink, printing, industrial coatings, building materials, architectural decoration, seed coating and other applications in dozens of industries, They are highly praised by all industries around the world. Plastic Application Pearlescent pigment is a kind of effect pigment to decorate plastic products. Our industrial pearlescent pigment is widely applied in different processing technology that includes but not limited to injection molding, blow molding, thermoforming, casting or add it into masterbatch to produce plastic products cosmetic package, shampoo container, food or medicine package, tube, commodity plastics, toys, fastener, sandal, constructive plastics and decorations etc. Ink Application Pearlescent pigment is applicable to various printing inks including gravure, relief block, flexography, silkscreen, coated print etc. in order to produce paperboard, wallpaper, name card, tipping paper, greeting card, various packing paper, magazine, poster and textile. Pearlescent pigment is a decorative pigment when applied in printed material would bring out a vivid color and elegant pearl luster. Cosmetics Application Cosmetic Grade pearlescent pigment is based on sustainable synthetic mica substrate produced. Our cosmetic line contains no hazardous substance, lower heavy metal contents below strictest cosmetic requirement and heat resistance. The product can be used to produce different kinds of cosmetics, such as lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, nail polish, hair cream, moisturizer, hair spray, etc. Wallpaper Application Pearlescent pigment is a effect material in wallpaper paints锛寃hich can aim at to achieve a changing and mysterious color from different angle of view. Processed by different equipments and colour technologies, which would present an artistic effect on wall space ,as well as to convert the artificial material to sustainable and environmental material. To meet the consumer鈥檚 changing demand, the color and design of wallpaper is entering into a new era. Industrial Coatings Application Because of the excellent dispersion performance and stable physicochemical characteristics ,pearlescent pigment has been widely used in industrial coatings. No matter one-color paint could bring you the pearlescent paint in impressive pearl luster and metal effect by mixing with pearlescent pigment. Pearlescent paint is applied widely in automotive, vehicle, daily supplies and constructive materials etc. Due to its flaky structure, pre-wet of pearlescent pigment can be easy and quick, but we still need to consider the chemical property of solvent. Such flaky structure can be easily break down during dispersion, so gently stirring is necessary. The dispersion machine can be set up in a short working time to have a proper dispersion in case of any break down of pearlescent pigment. Our Certificate Production Market Products of Jointcolor are sold in markets all over the world, Mainly in China, Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Asia and Africa and so on. So far, the company's annual sales volume has reached 110 million, including 80 million in the mainland, 12 million in Europe, 6 million in the United States, and about 13 million in Asia, Africa and other regions. Our Service The company's r&d center is equipped with advanced r&d,testing, analysis equipments and instruments, has standardized quality control system, also the center has a strong professional team. Over the years, great achievements have been made and several series of new products have been developed. The company highlights the leading position in innovation of technology, engineering, process in the industry. Our company is not inferior to the same industry in product technology, product standards, product series, Excellent results have been achieved in strategic research and development, tactical research and technology marginal expansion, providing a solid guarantee for the innovation, development, transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Product quality determines the competitiveness of enterprises in the market, Establishing global quality standards and having mutual authentication with customers. Providing accurate analysis and accurate testing to ensure the quality of the company's products, Sustainable development of extended inspection, supply chain and quality assurance system, Establishing quality evaluation system from the source to ensure stable production. The eternal faith of Jointcolor's quality assurance workers is to establish a complete product responsibility system, and to protect the interests of users.Crystal Silver White Pearl Pigment suppliers website:


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