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Our History Cangzhou Qi Run Detecting Instrument Co. Ltd., which was the former Nanpi XieLi Electronics Factory that was founded in 1996, is a professional production company for metallurgical industry detection, sensor and instrument. Our Factory The company covers an area of 50000 square meters, construction area of 25000 square meters, and has more than 200 employees. Qi Run owns many workshops such as metal product, refractory product, paper tube, assembly, equipment manufacturing, sampler sensors, research and other major production workshops. Our Product More than 95% of the parts have achieved self-control, which effectively reduces the cost and enhances the competitiveness of us. Now our company Qi Run has achieved the annual production capacity which are listed below: Converter sublance 500 thousand pieces per year, sampler 3 million pieces per year,sampler parts 5 million sets per year, thermocouple 60 million pieces per year, oxygen probe 500 thousand pieces per year. Product Application Depending on strong technical force, advanced equipment, exquisite technology, continuous improvement of production management and quality assurance system, Qi Run is committed to the use of advanced technology from domestic and abroad for detection, sensing and research instrument manufacturing. The management of Qi Run is changing from quantity to quality and technology. In order to adapt to the needs of the development of metallurgical enterprises and industrial production automation control, Qi Run is increasing the investment of research and development, and focusing on technological reformation and innovation. Qi Run has vigorously promoted product development and production capacity which are represented by converter sublance, sampler and thermocouple. Various types of products have formed a multi-model, multi-functional production technology system and R & D, production, sales through-train business system. Our Certificate Our company has been fully and thoroughly executed ISO9001 series standards. Based on quality management and internationalized development, Qi Run is continuously enhancing our basic competitiveness. Production Equipment Stamping machine, CNC machining center, CNC bending machine, core shooting machine, welding machine, filling machine, drying equipment, instrument testing equipment. Production Market Our products are supplied to not only domestic steel corporations but also many other countries and regions such as USA, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Mexico, Columbia, Pakistan and so on. Our Service Pre-sale Service: Provide professional consultation, reasonable quotation, and provide inspection and reception. In-sale Service: Consciously abide by the provisions of the contract law, determine the smooth implementation of contracts and technical agreements; endeavor to provide customers with quality products on time and in quantity, and use the best mode of transportation to ensure that customers receive good goods; actively communicate with users to provide users with thoughtful Technical support; regardless of contract size, all customers are fair in terms of price and service. After Sales Service: We will provide relevant technical training and technical information according to the requirements of customers; the products have quality problems, provide after-sales service according to the contract time; provide free maintenance within one year for the instruments and equipment sold.Carbon Sampling Cup suppliers website: website2:


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